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€12.3M Big Online Win At POKERSTARS!

SECOOP, the Southern European Championship of Online Poker began on October 28th, 2018 with more then 38000 players from France, Spain and Portugal. The players participated in exact 149 SECOOP events which were going on from October 28th till November 12th at POKERSTARS. The tournament awarded more than €12.3 million out of the guaranteed prize pool.
Player with the name Befuddled, was the winner of SECOOP Main Event 2018, won over a field of 5,215 players, where he turns a €250 buy-in into the champion’s prize worth €172,451. The second ranked player was user – ‘bzh3135’, who won two Midnight Express series back-to-back, where he turns €40 into €11,591.

The total of all Southern Europe series including SCOOP Spain and France, FRESH, Galactic Series, TRIO Series and SECOOP added up to €50 million in to the shared liquidity of PokerStars. Congratulations to all players at Pokerstas! Earning your Pokerstars big online win, you need to register and play it for real.

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